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Thread: iCore Virtual Accounts

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    Lightbulb iCore Virtual Accounts

    Core Virtual Accounts is a software that creates an isolated environments on your PC within which other programs can run.

    Using iCore virtual machine as a sandbox program for safer browsing and installing new software provides an additional layer of security for your computer, because all changes remain contained in a Virtual Account.

    You can use iCore Virtual Accounts to keep different parts of your life separate. For example, use iCore:

    to try new software safely;
    to share your PC without worry;
    to browse the internet securely.

    Unlike many other virtual machines, iCore Virtual Account works on the OS kernel level. This results in:

    No additional OS licenses requirement
    Almost zero performance overhead
    System hardware is fully utilized (like modern video card, game adapter and alike)

    Quick Details
    Kernel Version:
    Date Published: May 5, 2010
    Language: English
    Download Size: 10 Mb

    System Requirements
    Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 3) (32-bit only)
    Hardware: CPU x86 with 1 GHz or higher processor clock speed
    512 Mb of RAM
    Available hard disk space: 1 Gb (for three default virtual accounts)
    Internet access: Higher-speed modem or a network connection

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    Thank this great!

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