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Thread: A Linux Christmas story:) Scoope & newest Linux news

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    Lightbulb A Linux Christmas story:) Scoope & newest Linux news

    Hi Guys!

    How are You?

    Times runs quickly when having fun Sorry for haven't posted so much but felt it was on time to contribute with something here on this lovely forum My English isn't that wonderful but hope to make up for it with a few thoughts around Linux & what's free for everyone to use.


    First of all I want to say it's been quite in common to face comments and posts on different places where people are speaking warm about distros like Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, PuppyLinux, Linux Mint, Slackware, PcLinuxOS, Open Suse, Solaris, Redhat, Fedora & Mandriva/Mandrake to mention a few.

    Myself, always been using Windows so my own experience from Linux isn't that big yet but trying to get used to it as it is an very interesting complement to Microsoft's products in this stage as Linux are mostly completely FREE stuff in comparison. To tell some news, I saw in an article online recently there for instance the police authority in France are moving on to use Ubuntu instead in their organization. Something that sounds really interesting as I assume this will help this free operating system to develop and become improved even faster. I've also seen news that many other authoritys here in north Europe are moving from expensive MS Office suits to use Open Office in save tax money and so on. That makes me believe that many of these free open source distributions will meet a very bright future in nearest years.

    To return to where I was

    Well, what I should say was that the Linux world is not only based on these most well known distros where we are now and apparently it's only 1 month until we going to celibrate
    the welcome of 2011

    As I said, times has ability to go fast Btw, nowadays it's popular to discuss the world climate and global warming. Don't know how it is for the rest of you in how it looks like outside but here there I live we right now having big difficulties with SNOW & it's snowing like #*!¤*!?!
    Very white outside about 10cm and it's not fun to drive cars if not thought of switching tyres before turn out on the roads

    Really cold weather too & it not look to change on many days.
    It's on the same time quite amazing as usually we do not get this type of cold winter already in November, it first arrives after new year so it's 1 month too early. I miss my warm winter as it use to be before when the weeks before Christmas stayed at above -+0Celcius & people didn't had to worry about froozen waterpipes but however it's soon Christmas and the kids love it I'm sure Making angels in the snow, burry each other in wild plays. Remember we were found in having snowballswar when myself was a kid but that's 30years by now.

    As I said times go quickly Zzzzzzz

    Let's see what's going to happen this winter but heard news from research people that some experts tells about this winter going to be the coldest we faced in 1000 years Bhrrrrrrr.

    With other words, an excellent opportunity in get more familiar with OS like Linux indoors with a warm sparkling fire next to the desk & a cup of something warm.

    Vast majority of people enjoy mix it with a couple....good stuff but to keep the mind sharp I don't use that much of these liquids

    Did you know there exist about ~ 1000 different distributions of Linux?
    It's true, and in make it simple they can be found in different categories.


    • Desktop Distributions
    • Laptop Distributions
    • Enterprise Server
    • LiveCD's (many has this included)
    • Security-Enhanced Distributions
    • Multimedia Distributions

    Sometime this makes me smile a bit that we keep on using Windows as many of us do even this fact that for instance Windows XP, Vista, Win7 are only 3 in comparison. A bit strange, isn't it.

    I'd also like to give a tip in visit a Swedish webpage where a few houndreds of the most used distros can be found in a published map which is updated ~one times/month in help people get both an historical overview where specific distro can be traced back to it's based former source and what's new right now. Recommend it to everyone that is interested in learn some more of Linux.

    Look here:

    (The source is known from Wikipedia)

    When found something there, just fire up the browser and make a search for the name to visit the desired source webpage or visit Distrowatch, that's also a good page with much content of information in where to find different sources in matter of Linux with many good pictures.

    Will continue myself get more used to Ubuntu & a nice new distro based on Puppylinux called Macpup, looks very nice with influences from Mac together with Enlightment desktop instead of Gnome, KDE & equal.
    Became tempted in try more builds based from Mac right now as I can't run Mac OS otherwise in this moment on my machines. Even found a new Mac OS X theme package for Ubuntu and Debian based systems..Called MacBuntu, works terrific with the new Ubuntu 10.10. Was easy to install by just open a terminal window and drag & drop the installer scriptfile on to the terminal and the rest of the job is done automatically like MAGIC.

    Only one little drawback, the Cairo dock is not included in this package for those who wants something more exclusive - But AWN dock isn't bad that either which will be installed by the script. Perhaps some of you already heard of the MacLinux package from before, I suppose it became time for a liftup and if ask me,

    This one puts Ubuntu on a higher shell"f"

    Wish everyone much comfort & merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Thanks for reading

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    Hi Emil,

    I enjoyed reading that. very informative.

    I dont like Ubuntu for one simple reason. Removing it from dual boot menu is a real pain.

    I prefer Windows XP

    As for the weather here, I live in a coastal city. My house is a couple of miles from the shore actually.
    So its pretty warm throughout the year,although this time of the year is considered as the "Southeast Monsoon season"

    Its raining throughout my state, except in my city.

    Day/Night Temperature is around 25-30°C (thats around 77-86°F)

    hope to see u here more often.

    Merry Xmas
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    Great article Emil. It's fun reading it and at the same time it has solid information. Thanks for the article .... such a lengthy article .... Nice use of smileys though And merry christmas to you too

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    Hi Ashwin & Samuel !

    Thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad you like it
    Glad I could give something in return for all great tips & articles that comes from wonderful people in India, you own it guys!
    Have to admit it was really fun to write this post above also

    Will see, was thinking perhaps someone is curious of these links to Macbuntu & these theme's.
    So promise to make another post with some pictures & links soon, asap when there's moment for it..(forgot and didn't thought of that when wrote it - sorry).

    Temperature around 25-30°C...shore, Sounds very exotic in this moment for me..usually we have these degrees only during the month's June- to beginning of August but only when it's light outside.
    Guess aircondition & cool drinks are very much appreciated in your area..Here we only need to put out a glass with water outside and it's frozen to ice after a couple of hours Like a natural ice-machine.
    Only hearts is melting here in this moment and it still keep on snowing outside (around 25cm deep in the garden right now) Perfect for skiing for those who enjoy that kind of activities.

    Yes, I agree ashwin. Grub can be a problem to get rid of and I've seen online that many complain of this.
    I think it's mostly because there hasn't been so much of tutorials in how to replace different sorts of bootloaders and how to deal with MBR, bootsectors and that kind of things.
    Think also that vast majority of users doesn't know so much about how an harddisk really looks like inside and how it is sett up to work or how MBR works when having several disk attached on the same computer...For instance "Host protected area", how many knows they can get back and regain lost space by using tools like HDAT2 on Hiren's boot CD and how many knows harddisks having buildt in passwords for reaching additional settings. Usually computers comes with preinstalled OS and no CD, that means some of these often have a special recovery-partition in get back to first stage if get into trouble and need to reinstall the computer. This partition are often saved inside the HPA or host protected area on the harddisk so just be careful to not delete this one if dealing with tools like HDAT2.

    Sorry about the rain..Wish you good weather friends

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    Ha ha, found a interesting coincidence
    Seems like much of the same thoughts I had when wrote this post already been discussed on the blog. Sorry if this became like a repeat of the same subject but see the link deeply informative for interested
    Didn't knew this when wrote this post in here

    Looks also that I had a friend that helped me out with the tutorial of install MacBuntu inside Ubuntu 10.10. As I promised to show some pictures and further details in how to doing it I don't see any problems in refer to my new friend "Last time I checked these pages the publishing dates was visible and created just a few days after I post my first comment here" Looks we have a spy

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