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    Their update scheme is simply bizarre. This is what happened yesterday when i double-click the MBAM icon-

    I saw a prompt that ask me to check for updates since its already 12 days from the last update. I click on the OK button and it downloaded ~6 MB and updated. While this update completes, suddenly i saw it started downloading something else (luckily i knew version 1.60.1.XXX is out i was sure it was downloading the upgrades). I never interrupted and as i have guess it downloaded ~9 MB and upgraded to version 1.60.1.XXX. After that when it started it again prompted me with a message that database is 18 days old and needs to be updated.

    The first update is fine. My problem is with the next 2 updates. Why can't they integrate version upgrade and database update in a same file?? Once we are downloading and upgrading the application they should make sure that it contains the latest virus definitions also. Most of the security solutions does this.

    I just cannot understand why they cannot handle the update feature in a better way?? Will they ever learn how to handle the update feature in a better way?? I seriously doubt...
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