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Thread: VDownloader Free version Review by Grr

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    Exclamation VDownloader Free version Review by Grr

    Version reviewed: 3.0.720.0
    Used downloading videos from

    The Good:
    1. Easy to download
    2. Multiple options to convert the downloaded video to
    3. Download is very fast
    4. Converted .AVI file has bitrate of 128kbps
    5. Able to set a proxy in the settings, if used for accessing internet. Usually the case in office.

    The Bad:
    1. Conversion is enormously very very slow. Takes more than an hour to download+covert the video
    2. Converted video size is horribly HUGE...For example, for a video of size 269Mb, the converted .AVI format comes out to be 1151 Mb, which is almost 7 times.
    3. It downloads Web Security Guard..pre-checked.
    4. It includes pre-checked Ask toolbar
    5. It tried to set ur homepage to Ask, again pre-checked.
    6. It almost make ur system dead (100% CPU usage) while converting. Process:ffmpeg.exe
    7. Under Options>Setting the field "Provide anonymous usage information" is pre-checked.

    Now I need an alternate to VDownloader which would help saving the files in .AVI or the most compressed/but good quality - and comparatively smaller size.

    Related posts I have made and appreciate ur help:
    Which bitrate is good 128 or 64kbps?
    Which format is good, AVI, MPEG or MP3?
    What is a GOOD alternative for VDownloader?

    PS: No, these are no Grr questions..
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