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Thread: TeraCopy vs FastCopy vs Windows

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    Tera Copy not worth for Win7 Users

    But its good for XP users

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    Have to say I wont leave XP for some time just because of Windows 7 is new. In my opinion, it still to much alike Vista and lack many things that should be better if make a new OS...For instance the Clipboard manager, Explorer, services, easiness in find settings.

    It was not more than a enhanced makeup on Vista to look good on the surface. If security are so important there's only one right thing to do in fixing it for vast majority of users, than let MS playing with extra permissions UAC and stuff that tighten the freedom to use computers and that is to cut the cord to internet for computers that have additional installed software (as computers like this will never be safe to work with). And keep one extra computer for daily use with only few trusted installed software and keep it clean with backup solutions like Acronis or similar in get it back in 100% clean state every time it has to be used on internet. Then nothing can survive that comes in and can't make any harm.

    As there will always be a risk that things we treat as "malicious" or not yet having knowledge about wants to reach whats desirable even we use security software or even from inside virtual environments towards the real installed system. There is no chance to trust it and therefor only one best solution to pull the outbound cord to internet.
    Myself I don't even trust the security vendors I'm using, why should I
    Do we trust these companies only because they dealing with security and having security in their names, that would be gullible of us if we keep on like that.

    Sorry for come Off Topic from the subject

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    let's say have w7 ultimate 64 bit and a 2 TB disk sata 2 , with a 280 GB dir mixed small/large files , and want to copy to another sata2 or sata3 disk , in the miidle of copying with a teracopy pro 212 I want to pause and stop the copy, all the process stop regular, but when rebooting machine w7 wonna start control the 2tb disk and find many errors in NTFS part table/space allocation/free space,..... be careful with large amount of files , this never succed with fastcopy, and with a better speed .....
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    Frankly in many test shows that TeraCopy Pro can't improve the copy&paste speed too much even can't improve copy&paste speed at all.

    The most popular ones of this kind of software are ExtremeCopy Pro and TeraCopy Pro. I'd rather use Windows default copy&paste tool instead of them if it can't save more

    time for me.

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