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Thread: What is your PC's security setup?

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    What is your PC's security setup?

    Please share your computer's seurity setup here with me and the others

    Here is mine:

    1. Norton Internet Security 2010 fully enabled.
    2. Spyware Terminator v2.3 with Realtime Shield, Websecurity guard and HIPS enabled (with the latest database)
    (Not using v2.6, it freezes my PC but it has the same database of 2.3, so no complaints)

    (On demand scanners and manual database updates)
    4. Superantispyware free edition
    5. Malware bytes free edition
    6. Spyware blaster (blacklists for your browsers, protects your browsers from known harmful websites)

    Realtime malware protection freeware:
    1.Hazard Shield: Since it is still in beta, i have disabled realtime protection (im contributing by reporting false positives to their support team and contacting them by email). It actually detected Norton's files as trojans before i asked them to fix the issue.

    PS: For those wondering, yes i got the idea to start this thread from wilder's security forum. LOL :-)
    But i think AVtech's members have a right to share their own security setup.
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    Avinash Guest

    RE: What is your PC's security setup?

    Well, Many of you may be amazed with my answer. :P

    I am just having KIS 2010 on my system with nothing else. I do run manual Malwarebytes free edition scan often say in 2-3 weeks etc, but apart from these two, nothing else.

    Perhaps the reason being, I am aware of safe ways to use my system and the way Viruses etc get into system. So KIS is just good enough for me.

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    RE: What is your PC's security setup?

    At the moment I am using F-Secure Internet Security 2010 only on my computer.
    In the last few months I have tried about everything and F-Secure seems to run the best for me without a big slowdown.
    I was a big user of Avira Antivir Premium along with Online Armor till it got so difficult to find Avira promotions anymore.

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    RE: What is your PC's security setup?

    I use

    Antivirus and Website control
    Avira Internet Security (Firewall turned off)

    Outpost Firewall

    Malwarebytes free (Hopefully Paid soon)
    A-squared Paid version

    Keylogger Protection
    Zemana antilogger

    Startup and Processes Control
    Winpatol plus
    Anvir task manager

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    Lightbulb Updated my security softwares

    Updated my security softwares. Removed Rising PC doctor and replaced it with Spyware Terminator 2.3.

    Read my first post in this thread for the latest security protection that i use.

    May i invite new members of this forum to share their security softwares with your friends here at AVtech forum?

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    I have several machines, all of which use Online Armor Pro for firewalls.
    AV is either ESETNod 32 v.4 or Sunbelt Vipre 4, depending on the machine.
    Antispy/antmalware: MBAM Pro and A-square Pro on all.
    Winpatrol Plus on all.

    I routinely scan the machines, usually weekly, and do incremental back-ups with Genie-Soft Backup Manager daily.
    Weekly incremental images with Acronis TI 2010; monthly full images. The backups and images are done after hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrm52858 View Post
    I was a big user of Avira Antivir Premium along with Online Armor till it got so difficult to find Avira promotions anymore.
    ha ha ha. Yeah, it would have been great if someone could find such promotions. Avira is going to release their latest version soon. So, until they release their new version I think we could hardly find Avira promotion.

    My security apps are :

    Avast 5 home edition
    Online Armor Firewall Pro
    WinPatrol Plus

    I haven't full scanned my system since 3 months. (That's when I shifted to Linux...seriously)

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    Avast Pro Antivirus (trial)
    MBAM Pro (WON here)

    removed Threatfire

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    F-secure Internet Security 2010
    MBAM Pro[The best one]
    Win patrol plus
    Keyscrambler free
    Zemana Anti-keylogger

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    Avira AntiVir-Zemana Key Logger (thanks Avinash) Anvir Task Manager (yes,the program start up warnings qualify as security in my book),and my "new find" which has surprised the hell out of me is Spy Emergency.Yeah,I laughed too until I saw a six month freebie and gave it a test spin.Seems a little something got by Avira and MBAM.Nice skinable GUI -auto updates (hourly) and four scan modes.A bit on the hungry side at @ 65MB across two processes.Loads like a rocket right behind Avira and Zemana-loaded browser in less than 10 seconds after log on-but in fairness,this baby is Tweaked!! Real shame I can't get my Win7 rigs to run this fast
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