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Thread: How many of you own a Apple Gadget? any future plans?

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    +1 to Jeremy Point. I am still not comfortable with Mac OSX rest aside everything else.

    Also, as Jeremy Said, for same price you can get a better PC but its individual choice. They do build quality products but are over priced.

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    I have iPod nano, Macbook pro, I am going to buy iPhone 4.

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    Yes jeremy except for the price point macs are one of the best. The quality is supreme. I dont own any apple products except for 1kg of washington apples bought from the market. No plans of buying one too. ( highly expensive)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGame View Post
    I own an iPAD 2 64-GB. I really love it. Waiting on the Greenpois0n Jailbreak. (For those that are not familiar with Jailbraking, it basically unrestricts the apple OS and is totally legal). All in all, I am very happy with the improvements made to the iPAD 2 over the fisrt Gen model.
    I read that the Ipad2 screen is more soft and vulnerable to scratches. Anyone any experience with that?

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