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Thread: Amazon app of the day

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    Amazon app of the day

    I will update useful apps/popular games that are available on Amazon/ (only those which have high reviews, or I have tested personally)

    This is only available for U.S Residents
    You need a U.S Credit Card, an amazon a/c
    You need an android phone and have to install the Amazon Appstore's application in it.

    Open the Amazon Appstore and you will see which free app is available for the day.

    Today's giveaway is App 2 SD Pro worth $1.49

    Amazon link:

    Diff between free vs pro: Pro version has no ads

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    Today's app is "wp clock full"

    It is a Live Wallpaper with a Clock, Date, battery stats, etc.

    Free vs Pro: Offers more features, removes internet requirement (no ads)
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    thanks. Keep Updating it please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grr View Post
    thanks. Keep Updating it please
    Now that the appstore has gone global, I think it is necessary to keep this thread updated

    Today's app is Boxit 2:
    P.S: Sticking thread
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    Today's giveaway - Warheads

    Too many games, wish they would give us a good music player or some utility apps

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    Today's giveaway - Illusia

    Yestreday's giveaway was Happy Vikings, its always free at Getjar Gold

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    IM+ Pro All-in-One Messenger

    Worth 10$ this one is ad-free

    Ad-supported free version is also available.

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