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Thread: Why you would stick to Windows XP and not upgrade to Windows 7

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    Quote Originally Posted by kavin View Post
    Finally good to see someone on my side. Lol.

    But did you read about the un-official W7 -sp1?

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    Well,I'm running both,and here's what I know.By the time my shiny new Win7 Ultimate 64bit is done trying to impress me with it's swirling balls of color and spinning circles,I'm reading my email on my Win XP Home SP2! Now,in fairness,I've devoted a great deal of time to tweak XP to run on 22 processes,and boot up and shut down faster than any PC I've ever used.It took six re-formats,but I've got it nailed cold.Few believe that from the push of the power button to a loaded browser takes @ 23 seconds-I kid you not friends.Regarding Win7,I'm on the same quest to slash services and processes so as to escape the feeling that my PC is skating in sand.It seems the traditional third party coders have yet to unravel the architecture of the new OS,as none of the "tweaking" software I've used has worked worth a tinker's damn.Hell,M$ has been so vague on information as to what all of these services and processes actually are,it's maddening! Every time I make some adjustments,my event log is riddled with errors and warnings.My impression,for now anyway,is that Win7 is too bloated to get out of it's own way.And what's up with the My Documents thing? Do I need them in three places? The Search is pure crap.Remember using it to just find leftover files after removing a program?Simple,wasn't it? Not now.The All Programs menu is my biggest gripe.I'm forced to scroll?-ridiculous!! Though I found a nice little freebie for that called Start Menu 7.I think this one is the best of the lot.So,in the mean time while I continue on my nightly quest to speed up 7,I'll keep switching back to my XP for my usual tech forum trolling.Hope I get a handle on it soon,as time's running out for [email protected] four more days from what I've read.But then again,my XP hasn't had a single patch applied since it was loaded as SP2.Must be all those patch fest Tuesdays that slow your rig to a crawl.Funny,I'm not infected either.Take from this what you will.Cheers Mates!!
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    In my eyes from used it during a year it seems like this version of Windows has much of the same "Microsoft" influences like everyone have been used to even in XP.

    Like always Microsoft dealing with one serious big problem as they had through more than 10 years back in time vs. their users.

    Why does Microsoft have the need for their "Knowledge Base"?

    It's simple, cause they decided to make OS with bad manuals.
    Just see take a look on much of the updates..they doesn't describe unless you seach for the kb number.

    For Microsoft this is no issue and in the same time this protect their own interest in let things stay hidden in how their products has been created.
    And sure, alot of companies would certainly do the same in prevent other companies from stealing similar ideas in how to build and selling similar products. Just look around you, why has it become popular for people to visit technoblogs, forums and so on? Yes, and we all had moments when we couldn't find the answer for our problems without search on internet for the solution.

    And what really sucks is that Microsoft's behavor working like a virus in the subject of "Not have to share good manuals/support of our own product"
    Today new companies take advantage from this and it is quite much in common that many don't want to make good helpfiles just because it's better experienced "users" helping other users in solve their problems.

    For companies who make software they first of all save money on this.
    Secondly, their architecture stays untouched in secret as long as possible.
    Nobody knows how things works

    Windows 7 are made for look good to sell good, thats my own final verdict.

    Every day I'm using XP Pro together with Windows 7 and I can't see how Windows 7 can make everything better and more effective from the first week for an average user when I compare these two OS. First of all this new one comes with a big bunch of running installed services & processes & new features and lot of new things that people can't bring into use all this new stuff right away from the first month and neither having all this under control in manage it.

    It's easy to see the consequence from all this right now in the mailbox.
    Big waves of spam and malware/virus because many of this new users who recently installed Windows 7 doesn't have their computers under full control when they click on every link they see on Facebook Twitter or open e-mails.
    And the speed they were bragging about in Windows 7...Maybe some people might see it after they know how to manage it and optimize everything.
    Only for advanced users & geeks
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    some software can only use in windows xp.

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    [lang=pt]Por enuqanto prefiro o windows xp.[/lang]

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