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Thread: No Sound in Windows 8

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    No Sound in Windows 8

    why its not sound in windows 8? Can somebody explain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by semyion View Post
    why its not sound in windows 8? Can somebody explain?
    May be the drivers for your sound card not available with default Windows 8 installation

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    Another issue could be that since Windows 8 is in the Developer/Beta Stage, publishers of your soundcard may not have a proper driver compatible with Windows 8 yet. Some publishers produce Beta Drivers for Windows in Beta Stage, however those are often times buggy and do not perform as well as an officially released driver. Most Hardware companies are reluctant to release drivers for a new Windows OS until it is in RTM stage. This has been a known issue with many hardware throughout the years when beta testing Windows Operating Systems.

    Could you please provide information as to the soundcard you are using? We may be able to find a work-around solution.
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