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Thread: If you created an Internet Browser, what would you name it?

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    If you created an Internet Browser, what would you name it?

    It seems lately that Internet browsers are a hot topic in the computer world, so I got to thinking "What would I name an Internet Browser if I created one?" I thought this would be a fun discussion to have here at Avinashtech.

    So as I was thinking about this I came up with two possible names I would use if I created an Internet Browser.

    The first name that popped in my head was "Spider" A spider of course moves across a web and some spiders are very fast. As far as I know, there aren't any browsers named this and if there isn't, I am actually surprised no one has used the name.
    Update - I guess there is a browser named "spiderWEB"

    The other name I thought of was "Carnival" A carnival is fun, moves around to different places to perform, and usually has nets.

    What would you name your Internet browser?

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    That's quite a innovative question. Its out of my reach to even think about creating a browser, but still for the sake of discussion the first name that came to my mind is "Techbolt"

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    Never thought about that before but a few minutes thought landed me on the name "24x7". A web browser is a non-stop source of information, entertainment, knowledge etc.... in short just about everything. It never sleeps. It always works hard and tirelessly to provide us with all the latest and updated information. So i would name my browser as "24x7", just to denote the fact that it works for 24x7 to provide us with everything we need.

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    flash caz it should open pages, etc as fast as a camera flash

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    Surf-Right flash as the most important thing in browsing is not only speed but security. Speed+security=Surf-Right flash.

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    Another name that came to my mind is Nettize. Mobile version Net-appitizer. Net appetizer=Nettize or Net-appitizer(mobile).

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    I'll call the browser Sharp

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