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Thread: Rules for Limited Giveaways

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    Rules for Limited Giveaways

    We are allowing Limited Giveaways to the forum. ( Still a Experiment). The rules for this sub-forum in addition to existing forum rules.

    1. Members having more than 75 posts only can post in this forum. If a member have less than 75 post, he can just post it at chatbox and someone else who full fills the 75 post rule can post it here.
    2. The sites mentioned in this forum must have a green WOT rating. NO exception. If someone feels that even a red WOT site is good, he should ask for prior aprroval from Mods.
    3. If someone violates the rules above and posts something here, Mods will be free to delete the thread. (No editing)
    4. Mods will have final say on any issues in case regarding which threads should stay here.

    If things go well, then this sub-forum will be made permanent.

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    thanks. Good Luck.

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