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Thread: DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced Review and Giveaway - Discussion

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    Smile DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced Review and Giveaway - Discussion

    This Review is done by our Forum Member Jeremy. We thank him for spending his time in reviewing it. DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced Review DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced is a product used for optical media emulation. It is loaded with features and options that make it the leading emulation software available on the web. It lets you run a CD/DVD [...]

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    Great review Jeremy and another cool giveaway

    Would surely love to win this

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    thank you very much , Avinash, for the review & great giveaway. Really very needful program for me, because it helps me to make iso files and burn them on my disks for further using. Regards

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    Congrats for organizing such great giveaway. Daemon Tools is a very good and popular tool.
    I need it to mount my old CDs and DVDs which I have in iso format.
    It takes images from a protected CDs, is also a big advantage for me.
    I’d like to participate this giveaway. Thank you.

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    I some times have to install this application on my laptop that is when there is a giveaway from GOTD and CHIP, but the license can not be used again when I reinstall my windows, this is my favorite because with this application I can create image files and burn very easily, I have not found a better application of DAEMON Tools, I know the free version of this application has also been very good, but who will be able to refuse what is on offer avinashtech ?
    If I could be the winner of this giveaway, it is a very big blessing, thank you very much for this giveaway
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    Thanks for the contest.

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    This is a good giveaway, I've been looking for this giveaway a long time. Hope joining here is going to get me lucky, finally,

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    i need demon tools pro but i have not enough money now. i hope i win this contest.

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    Another nice giveaway Jeremy! Good review too.

    Personally, I've been using UltraISO. But I understand Daemon Tools is really great tool for creating emulations of your game CDs/DVDs. Nothing worse than buying a game and being unable to play it anymore because it gets scratched up.

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    Great work Jeremy ...... Daemon tools is certainly a great software to have. Btw i am happy with the lite version so i'll skip this giveaway. Good luck to the participants.

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