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Thread: DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced Review and Giveaway - Discussion

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    Nov 2010
    I would like to use a tool that would allow me to use some of my DVD's as hard drive applications and entertainment.
    Ernie Sampson

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    Nov 2010
    Thanks a lot Dear Avi for the Giveaway.
    Daemon Tools is very good software when talking about Media Tool!
    Very nice to have this tool!
    Please count me in Avi.

    THX, LJBU!

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    Good review Jeremy. Daemon tools is a good product too. I use a giveawayoftheday version which as we all know a re-install is not possible so, a licence here will go a long way.

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    I want the software for domestic use, not because I like to keep upon my hard drive. and the program has this function to record isofiles. can be stored on removable media. So I want a license key to the program.

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    Jul 2010
    Seems to have become a popular giveaway. Not sure I want to enter though. I did not use Daemon Tools very often before and I can localize to get a free license. Good luck everyone!

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    May 2011
    thank you for very nice review and great giveaway! DAEMON Tools is a very good and useful software. Thanks!

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    Excellent software to emulate a disk

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    Apr 2011
    Hà Nội,Việt Nam
    Daemon tools is a good product for virtual drive!
    Please count me in.
    Thank you,Jeremy !

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    Thanx for this giveaway.
    Great app, kind of "must have" and is much better than others (in my opinion of course )
    so count me in and I hope I win ;p
    regards to all

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    fantastic reviews. Count me in

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