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Thread: Help needed to secure WiFi.

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    Question Help needed to secure WiFi.

    Hello Everyone, Just moved into an apartment that has free Wifi. I have never used Wifi...know nothing about it except that it is unsecured and not private. The router is on a different floor and I do not have access to it. There is a Starbucks in the building and they use the same Wifi. If someone could help and answer a few questions: Can someone from their computer see what I am doing on my computer? Can someone get into my computer and get information from files, email, and passwords, etc? The password to get on line is the same for everyone in the building including Starbucks...there is no way for me to have a different one. it is common to everyone. [one thing good about it is that it is free.] To add to the problem...the building is made up of condos used as apartments...and some being rented by the night, so that my neighbors change very frequently. I am worried that someone next door can access my computer...and can get my passwords for my banking accounts, PayPal,etc. I don't have the knowledge to know if this is possible. But since all connections are scares me. I have called my isp and they can not even install a private cable to my apartment. Thought about getting something like a Verizon card but it is so expensive. Are there any programs that prevent privacy problems. I saw your link to the top free VPN's. Would a VPN be the way to go? Which is the best free one to use for my needs? Would a pay one be better for me and worth the extra $$? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you are using a public wi-fi, make sure you have:

    1. A strong Firewall like or an Internet Security solution like Kaspersky or Norton.

    2. A good browser: Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox or Google Chrome.

    3. Use a VPN, I recommend for (US ip address) or (European)

    4. If you are worried about Online banking, I suggest you use a Sandboxed browser and a virtual keyboard.
    You could also use an anti-keylogger like or .

    You can also try a secure password manager like or

    5. Clear your browser cookies and contact form data. In Firefox> History> Clear History. You could use Ccleaner to clear the cookies after you are done browsing.

    All the products I have mentioned are free, (except for Norton and Kaspersky). The Blue text are linked to the software's homepage

    To stay extra safe, run a weekly scan with and
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    That is what I call great detailed help . You went to all the effort to even add the links to the homepages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    That is what I call great detailed help . You went to all the effort to even add the links to the homepages.
    Thanks Mike

    The links will save a few precious minutes, no need to google for each one

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    Thank you for the detailed and great help!!!! You are truly a Super Moderator...thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bayviewbabe View Post
    Thank you for the detailed and great help!!!! You are truly a Super Moderator...thanks again.
    You are welcome

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    This wont be enough. I would strongly advice you to use a limited user account and another Administrator account both secured by passwords, so even if someone tries to acess your pc the password would be needed. Even in my shared wire line internet i can access other users media libraries.

    2- Whenever you use the internet through the wi-fi make it as public or non-trusted in your internetsecurity. Select public mode in your windows firewall prompt.

    3- Go to network and sharing center through control panel and select change adapter settings on your left pane, Go to your network adapter, right click, select properties, de select client for microsoft networks and file and printer sharing.

    4- Go to network and sharing centre as aboveand on the left pane select the third(last option). Now disable file and printer sharing and turn off network discovery. This would not allow others to connect to your pc.

    5-. You can buy this product which has trustconnect secure wifi encryption. This is comodo internetsecurity complete and if u want is available at amazon ofr 20$.


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    Just to add some things to what Ashwin recommended:
    1) Always update your browser
    2) Whenever you can, use https instead of http (facebook, twitter, banks, etc)

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    All of you are great...I will post back within a week after I put your changes into effect and let you know what I have done and how things are going with security changes... thanks again

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    Ashwin summed it up all.

    Great help bro!!!

    My suggestion - get ur own paid connection.

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