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Thread: ABC 3 Winners announced here :)

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    Apr 2010
    I have two prizes which I have not yet been able to install and review I'm quite busy for the next few weeks but will do my best to review the sw(sandboxie and returnil) asap. Thanks for the licenses.

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    Hi Avi and thanks for your help getting me signed-up.
    I am one of the "Actual Multiple Monitors" winners but, to my knowledge, have never received anything about it. If it somehow got into my junk folder then that's my fault, and I apologise, but could you please re-send any license info.
    Just to confuse matters, whilst I'm simoncbs here on the forum, I won the license as simoncbs2 on the blog... but then you knew that!
    Thanks once more, Simon.

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    Feb 2010
    New Delhi
    @simoncbs welcome to the forum.

    I have sent the License key again and hopefully it will reach your inbox. To be honest, Perhaps I may have missed sending the keys of MMonitors to all winners and hence I sent the keys to every winner again.

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    Congrats to all winners

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    Hi Avi, got that now, thank-you. Time to play...

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