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Thread: Winrar Archiver Review and License Key Giveaway - Discussion

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    Tell you what, this is an example where a matter of perspective can be unfair. If you were a newcomer or minor developer making your way and the big name in the business put a feature your software doesn’t have, your client could write you a suggestion “How about adding that feature? I think it is going to be wonderful.” But if you were the big name itself and the case were otherwise to the former, your client would send you feedback in different way, like “ Why didn’t you provide that feature already? Take a look at Company X!” I guess it can’t be helped. Sometimes on your (un)lucky day, you may chanced upon an overspirited client who inserts “f” word between “why” and “didn’t”.

    WinRAR is a big name and one of the biggest market share holder in the business. Its main competitor, Winzip and PowerArchiver have internal previewer (PowerArchiver Pro with only $3 higher over WinRAR weaponized itself with additional disc burner and FTP client). This is a major additional feature that has been liked by many users. Lacking of this feature has suffered WinRAR a con. Remember this, failure to provide answer against your enemy’s power leads up to lost.

    I like internal previewer myself so much, be it on file manager or archiver. Being applied on archiver, it is very helpful when I have an archive containing a bunch of pictures. I don’t need to extract them into a folder prior to browsing the contents sequentially. With WinRAR I have to double-click them one by one and that is time consuming.

    Regarding distinguishing RAR and ZIP, yes it is necessary. We know there are plenty of other archive formats out there (7Z, CAB, etc.), not limited to these two but only ZIP that is universal for Windows users as Windows Explorer is able to handle it. The other formats, including RAR, call for compression tool to open them. Like you have written, Arnab, it does not matter if we can't recognize the format from its looks as long as we can open it, i.e. we have the tool. WinRAR is even capable of opening mistaken extensions (RAR mistyped to ZIP or vice versa). It becomes a matter when we can’t open it. If you were with a PC where no archiver is installed, you can't open a RAR file. Imagine you had downloaded a RAR file from the Internet or your friend had sent it to you and you were never fully aware of it since for your daily PC you have WinRAR. Then you happened to carry the file with you to somebody's elses PC without WinRAR and you found yourself couldn't open it. What would you say?

    If it were me, I would say “Had I realized this is a RAR earlier........". Me, for example, has no longer sent attachment in RAR because I can never be sure if the recipient has archiver to open it.
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    I like this small but efficient tool very very much! And I've won a key of it few months ago

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