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Thread: Mbam update ?

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    Exclamation Mbam update ?

    For past 3 days I get a weird update number for MBAM

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    Same case here. But what the problem with it?

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    They changed their update numbering scheme.


    Btw I got a mail from them recently,
    PRODUCT RELEASE NEWS - 1.60 in BETA, are you ready?

    We've coded, tested, and have eaten a massive amount of peanut M&Ms during the prep for this major release. We are so excited to get this out the door, and our testing is coming to a close. Consumer version for Free and PRO users will be out by the end of this year. Corporate version to follow in January. Take a look below for an exclusive first peek at what's inside!!

    Chameleon - Yes, it's finally here. Cutting edge technology to get Malwarebytes running when blocked by infection. This is BIG.

    Incremental Updates - One of the features we are asked about the most! Paid users will get to bask in the glory of incremental updates.

    Password Protection - The ability to password protect key program settings is also frequently requested. We built it in! This is in Paid version only.

    Less Error Messages - Improved reliability and performance of the update process has been included in this feature rich release!

    Detection and removal engine enhancements - We can't say, just trust us on this one. We are constantly improving Malwarebytes to be the best!

    More Awesomeness - the change log does not fit into the confines of this email. Please keep a lookout, 1.60 will make it's debut by year's end.
    You have to register at their forum to get the beta link.
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    Thanks Ash.

    I will wait for the final version. Like the features...

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    Would be nice to know if the new version will have a remedy for the slow scans especially with non-SSD users. With SSD Mbam is darn fast in scanning but with old platter drives and especially with the dual-core era systems it got slower...

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    Its not so slow. It scanned my 100gb system in 2hours thats faster than same avs.

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