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Thread: Zoom Player Home MAX Review and Giveaway - Discussion

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    Arn how did you find it its a pirated movie. I really want to know it.
    i cant find much difference between real and pirated when i see on dvd players. I am a noob in movie matters. In the pc yes pirated movies have low video quality. I usually watch tv serial vidoes. For movies i go to theatres or we rent dvds. dont see movies much. Great review corker.

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    Avi has tweaked the image, so basically now you will never find out whether its legal or illegal copy. Moreover lets not discuss this here, i'll tell you some time later.

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    Got a mail from Inmatrix regarding an update.

    We didn't choose this exact date for your review, and so it happens that we have just released v8.1 for Zoom Player. Your competition is still valid, and version upgrades are free, so the users should not experience any problem either in v8 or v8.1.

    That said, the home use versions are already online at

    The commercial versions will be available at

    The full list of new features and fixed bugs is at :

    Highlights :
    . The default Onyx skin has been refreshed with new widgets and power features.
    . A much more powerful audio track and subtitle stream selection interface.
    . LIRC Remote Control support.
    . Enhanced TCP/IP remote control.
    . More powerful skinning engine logistics.

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    I like Zoom Player Home MAX very much. But there're fewer giveaways or contests of it.

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