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Thread: HaoZip - [Freeware Archiver/Compression tool]

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    HaoZip - [Freeware Archiver/Compression tool]

    HaoZip 2.6 Build 8336

    The official page still says version 2.4,but there is an updated version at Softpedia. I thought some of our members may be interested in the newer version.

    Here you go:

    Note: v2.6 is Available in Chinese and English.

    HaoZip homepage:

    New features:
    · 7 formats support compression types added to the TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, TAR.XM, WIM format compression support;
    · achieve full compatibility with the ISO format;
    · greatly enhance the volume of the ZIP format sub-fault tolerance. Even if the lack of volume can still be extracted;
    · new picture to see the replacement engine, image loading speed 50%, Figure smoother, and supports smooth zooming, and more special effects;
    · Image Viewer new viewing area on the mouse to automatically switch to left and right arrows function, flip more convenient;
    · new picture viewer zoom, the viewing area on the real-time display scaling function;
    · Picture Viewer plug-border transparent background and lower the plug to create a better environment;
    · new sub-volume history of the size of the memory function and removal of sub-volume history of the features that simplify user operation;
    · to add more common sub-volume sizes and the number of custom sub-volumes to six, giving the user more choice;
    · New well pressure the main interface title bar text display switching function;
    · adds support for other compression software to generate sub-forum dedicated to support the volume of extract;

    · compression / decompression performance optimization, depending on the different file types to be compressed up to 30% faster decompression;
    · The default "unzip to open directory" greatly simplifies user operation;
    · sub-volume of the number of support forums to 1000, to meet the needs of most users;
    · optimized "smart converting archive" feature from the original format supported by the three extended for seven;
    · support the associated extension bz compressed package to meet the needs of more users;
    · optimized to enhance the capacity of extracting RAR sub-volume treatment of fault tolerance;
    · more than ten of the text and error in the details of the optimization to enhance the user experience;

    BUG fix:
    · fix in Traditional Chinese, the compression format has a display incomplete BUG;
    · fixed input, after the environment variable% HOMEPATH%, suggesting that invalid access BUG;
    · fix a specific operation may occur not drag out from the compressed package in extracting BUG;
    · Repair of a specific operation, the password can not be cleared compressed package BUG;
    · Fixed Browse to select the folder window, select a compressed archive and run the command, the pop-up error box BUG;
    · Right-click the old-style fixed RAR-volume, pressure shows good compression options wrong BUG;
    · Repair of the Explorer to drag the file to the left directory tree, if the disk in the same folder instead of moving to perform the copy operation BUG;
    · Fixed shortcut key F4, and Shoulong address bar to start again after pressing the shortcut keys F3 failure BUG;
    · Fixed error extracting archive suffix of 001 BUG;

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    I would prefer using PeaZip. Please note that peazip has opencandy bundled together but on the homepage another version without open candy is also being given for download. More info here

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    Quote Originally Posted by avibky View Post
    I would prefer using PeaZip. Please note that peazip has opencandy bundled together but on the homepage another version without open candy is also being given for download. More info here
    Thanks for the warning about OpenCandy. Too many good softwares now come with that crap.

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