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Thread: The Humble Mobile Bundle

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    The Humble Mobile Bundle

    The Humble Mobile Bundle features 4 games for Android.

    • Anomaly Korea
    • Contre Jour
    • Plants vs. Zombies
    • Bladeslinger.

    If you pay more than the average you will unlock Metal Slug 3 and The Room.

    So that is a total of 6 games. Plus the soundtracks from these games in MP3 and Flac format.

    They'll probably be adding more games, halfway through the sale.

    Note: This is an Android exclusive bundle.

    Support charity and start gaming :P

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    They have added 3 more games to the bundle

    Funky Smugglers
    Raiden Legacy
    Another World!

    Beat the average price of ~$5.55 to unlock the 6 bonus games including the new ones.

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