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Thread: PDF-XChange Viewer new version available

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    PDF-XChange Viewer new version available

    PDF-XChange Viewer 2.051.0 has been released

    Change log:
    PDF-XChange Viewer is a software used to View/Modify or perform simple editing of PDF files

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    PDF-XChange Viewer 2.0 Build 52.0

    Download: 12.8 MB
    What's new in PDF-XChange Viewer 2.0 Build 52.0:

    · Fixed error signing documents originally encrypted using AES algorithm.
    · Fixed possible issue rendering shades with /BBox.
    · Fixed charater mapping for embedded Type1 (CFF) fonts with only Differences in font encoding.
    · Changed PDF file prefix from %PDF-1.x to %PDF-x.y, so viewer will now open - incorrectly formatted PDF files beginning with %PDF-0.0).
    · Fixed possible GPF after saving document which contain form fields with 'unattached' widgets. (8278)
    · Fixed possible GPF when moving more than one hyperlink on a page.
    · Fixed issue coping with special characters (ligatures) from inside the PDF-XChange Viewer.
    · Fixed issue switching keyboard layout when Alt key is used for switching, and the viewer is inside a browser.
    · Fixed possible dead-lock during loading of bookmaks.
    · Fixed bug with handling some keys (CAPS, SHIFT, CTRL) in text-editor.
    · Fixed bug with incorrect printer margins set up. (8254)
    · Fixed bug with handling NO-BREAK SPACE in the text-editor.
    · Fixed bug with visibility state of hidden annotations in the Comments Pane.
    · Fixed text-editor font issue when modifying text using a combination of Adobe/PDF-XChange Viewer. (8290)
    · Resolved possible mismatch between image type and export mode in 'Export To Images' for multiple page files to single page formats.
    · Fixed possible dead-lock with ALT key handling.
    · Resolved problem with hotkeys and client's menu. (8235)
    · Resolved issue with printing masked images when mask has differing dimensions to the image.
    · Added comment "Remove White Spaces" which removes whites spaces (margins) on a document's pages. By default this command available only via customization options.
    · Added feature for changing UI-fonts (see [Customize/Options] page). (8092)
    · Added support for form submission via email. Other protocols will be supported in a future release.

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    PDF-XChange Viewer Version: 2.053 (Updated on 28 Jun, 2010)

    PS: It is incorrectly mentioned as version 2.052 at the download site but it is 2.053, I have downloaded and installed it

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    PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.188

    · Resolved application freeze when saving document or doing other complex operations (page insertion, Scan or Image to PDF etc)

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