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Thread: Gnumeric: The Gnome Office spreadsheet

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    Gnumeric: The Gnome Office spreadsheet

    Gnumeric 1.10.5 aka "NonLinSol"

    Download from:
    * Crash fix related to structured text import.
    * Non-Linear solver added.
    * New statistical test tool.

    * Andreas
    o Add Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test tool.
    * Morten
    o Fix stf crash. [Bug 619283].
    o Persist solver model type.
    o Add non-linear solver. [Bug 614865].
    o Feed the gtk+ deprecation monster. [Bug 572240].
    o Fix win32/paradox problem. [Bug 619942].
    * Sameer Morar
    o Improve page setup dialog. [Bug 619421]
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