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Thread: Anyone using Sandboxie, Returnil or Wise Registry cleaner

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    Anyone using Sandboxie, Returnil or Wise Registry cleaner

    Well, this was actually a request for a blog post, but if anyone can help I would be happy

    Is anyone using the free versions of

    1. Sandboxie
    2. Returnil
    3. Wise registry cleaner.

    Could you share your experience with any of the above softwares?

    Pros/cons, i.e, features you like, dislike. ease of use, speed, reliability, etc.

    I used Sandboxie for browsing, downloading a file and isolating it.

    1. What abt installation into the sandbox or returnil virtual environment?
    2. havent tested Wise registry cleaner. what about its aggressiveness?

    I mostly use Ccleaner, Glary utilities and sometimes Slim Cleaner. I read somewhere that Wise Registry cleaner is quite good. Just wanted some user opinions though.

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    I installed Returnil last year during one of their promos... BUT one day when I tried to turn on "Safe Mode" it refused to enter it.

    I posted to their forum, e-mailed Tech Support and never got any answer. Finally, I got fed up and uninstalled it via Revo Uninstaller. I'm done with Returnil.

    I have all my data on a second partition and regularly make images of my system partition. (When the image files are less than 10 GB, you can easily do that monthly and archive to external HD or DVD.)

    I've tried Wise Registry Cleaner and I like it. I heard about it where the Ashraf's colleague says he uses CCleaner, Glary Utilities, and Wise Registry Cleaner in that order. (With Wise, choose only those marked as "Safe" to fix.)

    I also employ jv16 PowerTools 2010 as a 4th step. By the time I get to jv16, there are very few "bad" reg entries left. But each program picks up a couple the others don't. Of course, I keep backups for each step... just in case. And then I use the system for several days before I relax. So, far so good.

    Main reason I use those is to remove any crap that Revo Uninstaller misses.

    And I really should tweak my Sandboxie setup and use it regularly.

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    @Jelson Thanks for sharing your experience with the softwares
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    Using Sandboxie. i just run trial applications in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grr View Post
    Using Sandboxie. i just run trial applications in it
    Could use some more details

    if possible a screenshot pls

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    There's a tread at Wilders Security about configuring Sandboxie: I'll yet to digest it all but there's TONS of info: 250+ posts.

    Also, they have a sub-forum for . Some very security-savvy people post there. The problem for me, at least, is the sheer amount and depth of the information there.

    One day soon, I'll read enough to "get it" and then do it.
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    i am using sandboxie free version. works fine for me.
    i like isolation feature, its easy to use and they are releasing update more often so also reliable.

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    I have gotten used to Sandboxie mostly use it to test unknown softwares and to surf websites without a good wot reputation.

    And I don't use the other two softwares mentioned in the 1st post. Returnil is too slow for me and I prefer TuneUp utilities to Wise Registry Cleaner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashwin View Post
    I have gotten used to Sandboxie

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    I tried Returnil, more than once even, but found it slowing down my machine(s). Its GUI is beautifully designed, absolutely nice, but that is not what you install it for.
    Like Jelson, I now regularly make images of my primary active partition (using Storage Craft, really fine software). Perhaps I will try Sandboxie Free one day.
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