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    [lang=id]nice info gan,,,,,,
    i like it,,,,,,[/lang]

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    Very good soft. I won it here on Avinashtech, use this for the first time and after few months i can say that it works just great!
    Thanks a lot


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    Is the giveaway over??.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jowins View Post
    Is the giveaway over??.......

    Yes.. .

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    I was hoping to read tales of frustration from previous/recent winners but,alas,it's just me!
    Since installing this on my xp desktop the pc won't boot in a timely manner and refuses to shut down without a significant delay.
    Browsing is hindered by the sw always asking for "permission" which would be ok if it created the rule the check box indicates it would do but when starting a new browsing session the same questions get asked again and again.
    After disabling the sw the problems disappear.
    Perhaps this is an xp related issue.I'll install it on my W7 laptop and keep my fingers crossed

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