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    IP Hider


    I finally got done with R&R and had a chance to install IP Hider from the Giveaway.

    The installation was pretty straight forward. It was quick and painless. The only thing I noticed was that it installed about 2 autorun's. Whether you can block them or not, I am not 100% sure. My guess is yes or you could just set it to a delay. If you don't plan on using IP hider every time, you most likely could block it and just run it when needed.

    After the installation was complete, you can launch it. It comes up as the free 3 day trial and there are buttons on the side which one of them is a link to register. As you can see from the pic below, it is a pretty simple GUI. I like the layout and ease of this program so far over the only other IP proxy program I have used which was the cyber ghost one. With IP Hider, i am able to choose from a larger selection of countries than I could with cyberghost and the other benefit is that it is quick. Cyberghost took a while to load and then another bit to login.

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    Hopefully that pic worked.. As you can see, it is pretty straight forward. You can select any of those countries and then it masks your ip as if you were from that country and in turn hides yours. With doing this, for certain giveaways or anything else that requires you to be from that country (facebook offers, etc) you can use this to help you out.

    From the above pic, the first button is the Status button, this will give you the display that i have above. It will let you know if you are showing your IP or what IP you are using if you are hidding yours. If you go into the Advanced mode (talked about further down) your status displace will change from the view above and give you differnt options. Instead of getting a map to click on the country you want, you will get a drop down menu for the proxy and then to the right of that will be another drop down for whether tested or not. You will also get 3 more buttons below those. You will get a button to Enable/disable protection another to enable/disable privacy and then a 3rd button for Smart Mode, which basically puts you back to the standard view with the map.

    The next button down is the Check IP. When you click this, your broswer will open up and take you to site and let you see what IP you are showing while you are online. Another way to validate that you are hiding your IP or not.

    The 3rd button is to provide feedback with some suggestions to them.

    The 4th one is the advanced tab.

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    As you can see.. you can use this tab to test out the proxies in advance. This way you can see how they work for you. You should be able to see if their speed is to your liking and if it works for what you are wanting to do.
    Also, I noticed that if you select advanced, your GUI will also change some. Instead of the 2nd button saying Check IP, it will now say Anonymity. When you now select this tab, it will give you more options to select as shown below.

    Attachment 129

    The other difference is that instead of the Feedback button, it will be replaced with a Privacy button. When you go into this option, you will see these 2 options below.

    Attachment 130
    and also
    Attachment 131

    The first privacy tab just let you set whether you want to block java script and/or active X or not. while the 2nd tab is the Online privacy giving you more options to clear caches, history, cookies, etc. In a way, another form of CCleaner Think i would still prefer to use the CCleaner though

    The next tab down is for settings. This one has a Broswer Configurations button and the Startup button. When you select Broswer Configurations, it just lets you know that when you hide your IP, your data will be routed through that proxy and when you de-enable the hide ip, your traffic will be routed back through your normal IP. With the Startup button, you just get to check/uncheck the option to run at startup.

    The last button is just the register button where you can go and apply your license code to your your subscrition use out of it instead of using a trial version.

    So far, it is working well and I like it. It is definitely the better of the IP Hiders that I have used thus far.

    Please feel free to ask any questions and will definitely try and provide any kind of feedback that I can.

    Hopefully all this worked/works as my net is giving issues atm and hope it was understandable my first "review" of this type

    Many thanks to Avinash for the great giveaway and it is much appreciated.


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    Welcome back Zug..

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    Thnx Zug for the in-depth feedback. I finally installed IP Hider couple days back and basically just tried it to see if I could access sites like Hulu & CBS so watch online movies. But didnt meet with much success, browsing speed was also very slow and frustrating. Maybe after your feedback will try different configuration and options. Am not very tech savvy so normally just install and use without much ado. Like when programs are simple to use.

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    Well unfortunately havent had the "need" to use the Ip Hider much lately.. my basic need for it is for when certain things are for "x country only" or when "US IP's blocked" type situation.. the thing with use proxies is, they will all have varying speeds, and ofc, never faster t han what yours currently is... my recommendation (if you havent done this already) would be to test the different ones.. if you try one and you notice that it is pretty slow, test another one out.. and keep doing so until you get the right one for you.. they might be different for every user and possibly dependent upon where you are located in correlation to them.. i know this isn't much and wish i could get the settings information for you.. but as of right now,, i just did a full restore and am in the process of re-installing everything.. and this is one that I still need to reinstall and pray my key didn't get jacked up, as in wont let me register as it is already been registered .. if that happens. gotta pray my backup got the key saved and i can hopefully try and restore it ;P

    so, g/l with it and hopefully i will get to it soon and can maybe check it out some for ya.

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