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Thread: Blacklist for Giveaway's at Avinashtech Blog

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    @davhag64 - Reviews help developers to create more better software. They give out free licenses so that winners woudl try and post their experience, good or bad, whatever...If u get a chance read my reviews for the giveaways at the blog..u would get an idea..

    @hakah- forum members get more priority than non-members...and they r counted in the giveaways at the same time...nothing for later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hakah View Post
    The idea is good but sometimes winners may not willing or have no time to give their feedbacks. I think it is better to emphasize again on this RULE to have them reminded prior immediate cancellation of their winning chances.
    One thing I like to point out, as to each giveaway event, 2 licenses are reserved for Forum Members. Are these licenses to be given away in later Forum Giveaway during Christmas or ......?
    At the same time, I reckon Forum Member participate in the giveaway in Avinashtech Blog will have no comments shown on the Comments Remarks after giving their comments. Are they being separated or grouped under Forum Member Giveaway at a later stage?

    I reckon "Suspension" or "Suspended from Giveaway" is better than "Black-listed". What do you think?
    Whenever the rule is in place, everyone is well reminded off. Right now, the rule is not effective for ABC giveaways.

    Regarding the licenses reserved for forum members, these are for few very active forum members like ashwin, Mike and Grr who are contributing to the forum since we started.

    Every other forum member is given more weightage than non forum members while putting the names in the draw. After that its random.

    Perhaps we can replace "blacklist" to something like "suspended for future giveaways".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avinash View Post
    "suspended for future giveaways".
    "uncertain for future giveaway until further notice"

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    uncertain for future giveaway until further notice
    I think that's all depend on the decision of Forum Moderators or subject to future RULE to be imposed !

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