From Emsisoft:

"After a long testing period we are pleased to present the latest version of our Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall. Massively improved protection, better usability, stability and compatibility, and great new features are good reasons why you should have a closer look at Emsisoft Online Armor 5.1."

The main changes in Emsisoft Online Armor 5.1

  • Improved Firewall protection: Once again significant improvements have been made so that Online Armor continues to provide perfect protection for your Windows computer. This update offers improved detection of the dangerous Sinowal Rootkit and other current threats.
  • Simplified operation: Many user suggestions for making the Firewall easier to use have now been implemented.
  • Better compatibility: The code of Online Armor was reviewed to make it even more stable. Compatibility with other software protection has also been improved.
  • New Online Malware Scan: Unknown files can now be checked using the new "Scan Online" feature. This function can be accessed directly from the Program's list in Online Armor, by right-clicking on the file to be checked.
  • Automatic updates now available in the Freeware version: Users of the Freeware version can also take advantage of automatic updates. This is a major enhancement as the blacklists and whitelists are updated on a daily basis.

There are free, trial, and premium versions of the product.

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