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Thread: Review of EasUS Tado Backup Workstation

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    Review of EasUS Tado Backup Workstation


    EasusUS Tado Backup Workstation is an easy to use and powerful backup and recovery program that can save your bacon when the chips are down. The feature list of EasUS Tado Backup is very extensive.

    Get the free copy of EasUS back free version from here for a full version comparison of all the features available in the five different versions of EasUS Tado Backup: Free, workstation, Server, Advanced and Technician. The free version is one of the best backup and cloning software deals you are going to find.

    The limitations of the free program include on MS Exchange Server backup or recovery, no MS SQL backup or recovery, no backup to tape, no backup or restore from snapshot, no windows server support, and technical support is only available via the EasUS forums. In my PC that is great! The free version is a workstation product no biggie on the lack of Exchange or SQL back or restore support; no tape support – no tears shed there; no windows server support – that’s a bummer since the early version Tado backup supported sever but that’s understandable – EasUS needs to pay the bills; no backup or restore from snapshot is the only thing that would be nice to have but it’s no big deal when you look at what you do get in the free version.

    The goodies included in the free version include: One-click system backup; Disk and partition backup; Differential file, disk and partition backup now included; Event Based Backup; Sector-by-sector backup and backup to CD/DVD and network; Explore and recover backup images in Windows Explorer; P2V (Physical to Virtual) image files conversion; compression and image splitting; Image integrity check; The ability to mount and unmount images; plus the super cool ability to Recover by restoring to dissimilar hardware; and many more features.

    Ok – so let’s check out the program.

    My Test system is running Windows XP Professional – Service Pack 3 – fully patched. I am reviewing the “Workstation” version of Todo Backup which supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The test PC is running an Asuse P5SD-VM motherboard with a Dual Core Processor installed.
    Here is the lot of feature. You should try free after setisfied you can Buy from here
    I show to you my installed EasUS Tado Backup Workstation. I am going to show some good feature of Workstation. In the less time you can create large size backup

    Not Bad – 4 Minutes and 39 seconds to backup 13.9 GB of data. That’s faster than you can go get a cup of coffee and get back to your workstation:

    Disk Clone:
    Next on the testing agenda is to install a different hard drive and experimentwith the “Disk Clone” feature.
    I will be making a clone image from an 80 GB Operating System drive to a 160GB SATA drive.
    EaseUS Todo backup Workstation methodically walks you through the stepsnecessary to clone your drive: Select the source disk, Select the destinationdisk that will hold the clone image. You will be presented with a before andafter view of the drives. The important thing to notice in the image below isthat the clone image will be the same size as the original drive. This may bewhat you want but in my experience you want to be able to clone your currentdrive and to a bigger drive to take advantage of the added storage space of thelarger drive. If I do not adjust the settings I will end up with my 160 GBdrive formatted to 74.45 GB to match the source drive

    In the Home Tabe all features of create all type Backups System backup, File bckup.
    Disk clone very good option for user Just use Disk clone easily create full Disk backup and Restore and which type backup you want to create as your wish.

    In the Back Tab particular backup of each section.
    Recovery is very useful option we spend lots of money for good recovery software but now we get free in build in EasUS Tado Backup

    With six tools will help you as your diser. And more New features in workstation 4
    For more detail.

    Thanks for see this review
    From Mohammad Wasiullah

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    Thank you for the review mate.

    Edited a bit and removed few hot linked images. Left those from EASEUS site.

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    Thanks for the review Mohammad

    P.S: This thread landed in the mod queue for some reason

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    thanks to Avinash
    and thanks for good comment Ashwin
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    Good review Mohammad. Its a good software i heard.

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