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Thread: Review of Internet Download Manager IDM

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    Review of Internet Download Manager IDM

    REVIEW of Internet Download Manager : Fast Download with IDM
    Everybody know that the name of IDM this really work as its name its full name is Internet download manager but I think the IDM name should be Internet Download Master.

    I don’t think any downloader is better from IDM, IDM provide best download speed in slow connection it is not care any ISP giving speed IDM always gives its best downloading speed.

    There are some awesome features here are list

    1. Easy download any online videos
    2. Premium site login
    3. Synchronizing
    4. Shutdown PC after complete download
    5. Site Grabber

    Some of the key IDM features are:

    • Supports all popular browsers and applications like chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox and others
    • It supports downloading of videos while it’s being. It can download FLV videos from popular sites like YouTube, Metacafe, dailymotion, MySpaceTV and manymore.
    • One click download option.
    • Has got a Drag and Drop Feature.
    • Automatic Antivirus check – You have the option to Configure setting and select the installed Antivirus program to enable virus checking when download is complete.
    • Resume Download feature – Allows you to download the file part by part at a time allowing you to pause the current download and resume it later on.
    • Increases the download speed up to 4x compared to the normal in-built browser downloader.
    • Download limits - Progressive downloading with quotas feature limits downloading to defined number of megabytes per hour. The feature is useful for connections that use fair access policy (or FAP) like Direct way, Direct PC, Hughes, etc.
    • Has got a very important feature like website grabber which comes into play when you are looking to download all images from a website or wanting to download the site completely for offline browsing.
    • Prompts and asks what is to be done in case a duplicate download link is added.
    • Has got multiannual support, zip preview, download categories, sounds on different events, scheduler pro, https support, queue processor, html help and other features.
    • You can schedule downloads so that they are downloaded at selected times of the day.
    • IDM even supports proxy servers, firewalls, protocols, redirects, cookies, and authorization, audio, video, and other files.
    • Quick Update Feature.
    • Supports main authentication protocols: Basic, Negotiate, NTLM, and Kerberos.

    1.Add URL. This simply Copy and paste the URL and start now or start later it automatically show you its size or type and automatically download in type of folder.
    Add URL and start download with full speed idm increase your ISP speed also

    2. If you are a member of some premium site the automatically login you just have to set
    User name or password and your premium service now on the service it automatically
    Login and your download resume compatibility will be yes .

    How To Download from file sharing Sites like Rapidshare:

    If you are willing to download files from file sharing sites like Rapidshare, IDM will download the correct file only if the download is captured automatically from the browser. If you use “Download with IDM” browser context menu item or download panel for selected links, IDM will download a web page instead of a download. Also make sure that you have enabled “Start downloading immediately while displaying …” option in “Downloads > Options“.

    In case you have a premium account, then You need to add your Login and password Details for Rapidshare in “Downloads >Options > IDM configuration> Sites Logins” You need to add two entries. Also note that you should use “” and “*” as the server names.
    Also make sure that you have checked the “Direct Download” box in Premium Zone.

    Just select all and click OK start your download more than one at a time

    General tab provides various it supports all browsers and work perfectly with full speed
    IDM is compatible for all browsers whatever those are older version or new
    And it can be download any types of files

    Site grabber:

    Site grabber is very good feature in IDM you just have to copy & paste the site name or link

    and set what material you want to grab I selected all picture of that web site go next step

    Set the setting as you want here some option you can select the option by checking boxes

    Set filter settings which you want to download by category and now start your download

    Your downloading has been started .
    Get more information about IDM here at and get free trial for 30 days with full features.

    Thanks for reading this Review

    Mohammad Wasiullah
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    Thank you mate for the review.

    We all know that Internet download Manager IDM beats all when it comes to download managers. Glad that you wrote a review about it.

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    Thanks for taking time out and writing a review on IDM. Btw while writing reviews please do keep it in mind never to use screenshots which represents you are using or downloading illegal stuffs.

    One more thing, where did you get that boxshot?? IDM now uses a different boxshot

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    Thanks for the good review.

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    Nice review, thanks!

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    The review is fine but I think it would be better if it were served with alignment and line break so it looks tidier.

    Just like others, I use IDM myself. I think the cross-browsers integration can be considered as main forte. I heard it is not easy to find a download manager for Google Chrome but as a SRWare Iron user, I have no problems in configuring IDM to work together with Iron.

    Download rate are very good, despite not the highest in its field with 16 simultaneous max connections. A few competitors offer double or more than that but I am not sure if such high number really works or effective.

    About the Site Grabber feature, I used it once and it was unstable. I made several projects and only one ended successfully. The rest were terminated unexpectedly, perhaps due to some bugs. Certainly not the best appeal IDM ever has. I hope it is polished.

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