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Thread: Review of Power ISO

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    Review of Power ISO

    *******EASY BURN WITH POWER ISO*******

    The Power ISO is one of the best software for burning it’s create image of your DVD or CD in standard format mean ISO format ISO format is the best format for us we can easily burn, mount and extract it on any we can add, rename, delete file after create ISO image, power ISO support all DVD/CD/BD and both version of OS (32) or (64) bit and support Windows XP, Vista, 7. File Association is .iso, .daa, .bin, .cue, .nrg, .img, .mdf, .bwi, .b5i, .Gi, .cdi, .pdi, .pxi, .ncd, .c2d .vcd, .dmg, .bif, .win, .uif . Power ISO is very small but very powerful tool I realize this when I use it power ISO manage all your data disk and it is burn very fast with safety and you can set speed of burning, all most things is available which should be in burning software in Power ISO Power ISO easily install take low space in your HDD very light on your OS running fast as we want on any burning tool every day we burn many data CD, DVD or BD mean All these features support with your PC or Laptop for life time many image tools available on the internet but someone is very large and someone is very small large problem is this there are many tool to edit or delete and ETC may you some people confused how to these special too and small problem is there only some option like burn, create image and but we think there should be some more tool for do more but Power ISO provide as need no more no less tool this complete tool for ISO or CD/DVD you can whatever you want to with your DVD/CD or with image.
    : Features of Power ISO for lifetime:
    · Virtual Dive manager more than 20 virtual drives
    · Create compress image of your CD or DVD
    · Create bootable ISO
    · Extract image of your data DVD or CD
    · Support more than 30 languages
    · Rip Audio CD
    · Convert Image file format to ISO to BIN/CUE, DAA or DAA,BIN/CUE to ISO
    · Erase rewritable Disk
    · Save, add Boot information to create bootable Disk to your HDD and delete boot information (if you want)
    · Make image from CDROM to your HDD only few clicks
    · Encryption option
    · Test Image before burning
    Virtual Drive manager: is very important now days at a time we can’t insert multiple CD/DVD in DVD drive but we can mount multiple images at time and now you mount up to 23 images at a time with Power ISO, power ISO support more than 15 formats of Image of data DVD or CD and also Blue Ray Disk.

    Create compress images with Password Protect: We want more but we don’t have Extra space in our HDD so what we have to do buy Extra HDD or leave data and copy data to your friend’s pc now way now power ISO giving the solution compress image of your data such as new OS, BD, large size data in Blue ray disk you can compress it and store in your HDD with Password protected now your data is safe within count 123 You will get this option from Tool>compress.
    Extract Image: Extract your data image in folder or any drive and save it without any extracting tool you can extract it if you don’t have extracting tool or while internet connection problems.

    How to create Bootable Image from Power ISO: Many users want create Bootable Image and want to learn how to create a bootable Image. Power ISO tool also have in bounded for create a bootable ISO nothing is to create bootable ISO of OS, Drag and drop all files into the power ISO and add boot information from Action>boot>Add boot information and browse add boot file and save it where you want and burn it your bootable image is ready to use.

    Convert Image: mostly we download games DVD/CD image we download images in other format and that not support with our mounting tool and we think how to open this image we think if this Image format should In ISO format, you can convert image format from Power ISO with reliability Power ISO not damage to your data of the converted ISO format also your main data DVD you can easily mount it and burn it and enjoy your game CD /DVD. You will get this good feature from Tool>Convert and browse your other format image and select format ISO or whatever you want and save I where you want and click OK now your converting is in progress converting will be complete within few seconds I converted my XP Image it was formatted in .daa to .ISO within few second I successfully converted image without losing your data.
    You can also control of Power ISO mean Power is in your hand create ISO and modify, add, delete data in ISO.

    Create new image which image you want to create data
    1. CD/DVD image
    2. UDF DVD image
    3. Audio CD Mixed Mode CD Image
    4. Video CD image
    5. Super Video CD image
    6. HDD Image

    In the tool option you can
    1. Burn
    2. Erase rewritable Disk
    3. Create Virtual drive more than 20 on 1 pc
    4. Compress image
    5. Convert image
    Configure Power ISO from Option>Configuration such as how much virtual drive you want.

    The file associations mean all check option will to mount or burn your date you can select all or individual as you desire.
    The power ISO is very small and very easy to use I am 100% sure you will be satisfied when you
    Use this in your PC or laptop we can solve all burning, mounting, extracting, adding, deleting problems solve with Power ISO and Power ISO is available in both version x86 or x64.
    Thanks you so much for read this little review
    Mohammad Wasiullah.
    For more information
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